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Best Sativa Strains

Although the strongest Sativa cannabis Strains might take longer flowering time than the purest indica plants, trust us – the latest and best sativa strains of 2020 are some you’ve got to consider growing.

Not only does the purest sativa strain offers one of the most creative long-lasting highs, but it a is also great for providing users with an uplifting experience. Not only that, but many of the plants on our sativa strains list are also quite easy to grow. You can produce your own weed in your own backyard or grow room to help you get relief from anxiety or anything else that might fail you.

If you aren’t sure where to start with growing the best sativa strains, don’t worry – we’re here to help with our list of the top choices of 2020 and our handy growing guide for the best sativa weed.

Sour Diesel

Sativa cannabis Strains,Sour Diesel is one of the top-quality sativas to come to the market in the 90s – yet it has an impressive reputation even in 2021. Its genetic background traces back to Northern lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian.


  • Produces resinous buds
  • Offers an energetic, hard-hitting high
  • Uniform branches


  • Can be smelly

Sour Diesel has truly made a name for itself as one of the heaviest and most popular sativa seed strains. It even gives a stronger euphoric feeling than its indica competitor, Northen Lights. Offering a fast-acting, pungent high with its bright green buds, this plant is best grown outside. Once there, it can develop multi-pound bushes that often need to be controlled via training or topping.

Native to California’s Emerald Triangle, Sour Diesel is known by expert growers all over the world. It produces large branches that produce buds in just ten weeks of flowering time.

This Sativa cannabis Strains  of weed grows resinous, stinky buds that often require fans for added ventilation and odor-control. Sour Diesel is ready just 9 weeks from flowering time and although it finishes a bit later than some other modern hybrids, it’s a fast-grower when compared to other types of sativa. Offering a skunky diesel scent, this train has THC content up to 22%, making it a good option for pain relief.

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